Make Your Weight Loss Goals a Reality

Weight Loss Goals




Make Your Weight Loss Goals a Reality


If you’re like many people, you set New Year’s resolutions that you’re going to eat healthier, get into shape or drop those excess pounds. You’ve probably made similar promises when a special event was approaching or maybe you wanted to get bikini ready before beach season hit. The sad truth is, for most people, these dreams and goals never actually become a reality. In fact, many people make the same resolutions every year; somehow, these dreams just don’t materialize into any significant change, even if you had the best of intentions.



It’s Not All or Nothing


It’s not unusual to set a goal, then leave absolutely no wriggle room. Maybe you say you’re going to start a new weight loss plan as part of your New Year’s resolutions; but, what happens when a few days in you give in to temptation? Are you going to wait until next year? The same is true if you were trying to lose weight for a much anticipated cruise vacation; you can’t just throw in the towel and give up because you weren’t “perfect” in following your eating or workout plan.


When it comes to health and weight loss goals, it is estimated that only about 8% of people actually stick with their New Year’s resolutions. That leaves a whopping 92% that either give up or simply make the decision that they’ll start over some other time. But, your goals don’t have to be all or nothing. Every day gives you an opportunity for a new beginning. Yes, The first day of summer, the day you book your vacation, or the start of a new year are all easy starting points, but the truth is, any day can make a great starting point.



Set Small Goals


One reason why many weight loss goals are not realized is because it’s easy to think that you have to have a rigid plan. Sure, you know you should be eating healthier and exercising more, but you don’t need to change everything overnight. Start with one or two small goals. Maybe you decide to cut out sugar except during one cheat day on the weekend. It might not meet your ultimate goal of dropping sugar altogether, but it’s an excellent step in the right direction. Once you’ve mastered that, you can maybe choose to have only one or two cheat days per month.


You can use this same method of starting small when it comes to your exercise routine. If you’re normally a couch potato, it’s not realistic to think that you’re going to be in the gym every night. Maybe you can do it, but the majority of people will eventually quit. They just can’t handle the huge lifestyle change all at once. Instead of making a decision to take on a rigorous workout schedule, sign up for a class that meets once or twice a week. When you’re ready, add in an evening walk on your off nights. Build from this base as you work towards your weight loss and fitness goals.


Many people feel like they need to make big changes in order to meet their goals; however, small, incremental steps are usually the most successful.





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