Daily 8 Minute Workout


Change Your Body in Just

8 Minutes a Day



Get Your Workout Done Even When You’re Short on Time!

If you’re crunched for time, this easy to follow video will help you squeeze in your workout. You can do it just about anywhere, so with just 8 minutes and no special equipment, you can make a big difference in how you look and feel!

Follow along with the video and discover how just 8 minutes a day can transform your body. This workout shows 12 different exercises, do each for 30 seconds; then follow each exercise by a 10 second rest for a total workout time of just 8 minutes!

Let’s face it, sometimes there’s just no time to make it to the gym. If you’re a busy mom or your schedule is jam packed, you can still take care of yourself.


Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Jumping Jacks – warm up the whole body (30 seconds)
  • Chair Steps – works the legs, thighs and buttocks (30 seconds)
  • Press ups (push ups) – works the chest, stomach, and triceps (30 seconds)
  • Wall Squats – works the calves and quadriceps (30 seconds)
  • Ab Exercise (sit ups with bent knees) – works the stomach muscles (30 seconds)
  • Squats – works the legs and buttocks (30 seconds)
  • Planks – works core muscles as well as the whole body (30 seconds)
  • Press ups (push ups) with a turn – works the upper part of the body (30 seconds)
  • Lunges – works the legs and thighs (30 seconds)
  • Reverse Push Ups –  works the triceps (30 seconds)
  • One-Armed Planks – works the whole body (30 seconds)
  • Running in Place (knees up) – works the whole body (30 seconds)


*With a 10 second rest period between each exercise, your complete workout will take only 8 minutes!


We all know that we should be getting exercise every day, but sometimes, it’s hard to fit in a good workout. Exercise not only helps us to look and feel our best, but it is essential for good health.


8 Minutes



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