How to Lose 50 Pounds with Minimal Effort


How to Lose 50 Pounds




How to Lose 50 Pounds


Losing weight isn’t always about what you’re eating; sometimes, it’s about how much and how often you’re eating. By reducing portion sizes or cutting back on the number of times you each each day, week or month, you’ll naturally begin to lose weight; and, you’ll do it without feeling deprived. If you want to lose more than a few pounds, then you can simply make a few minor adjustments that won’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived.



These 10 tips can help you lose 50 pounds per year:


1.  Once a week, have a hamburger rather than a cheeseburger, or skip the cheese on your favorite sandwich one day. This simple step can save you 5,876 calories over the course of a year for a 2 pound weight loss.

2.  Cut your morning juice down from 12 ounces to 8 ounces. You’ll save 20,384 calories or 6 pounds in a year.

3.  When you’re indulging in your morning latte, go for the tall instead of the grande. You’ll get a few less ounces (a tall is 12 ounces and a grande is 16 ounces). Of course, you’ll also cut 32,760 calories each year. That’s a whopping 9 pound weight loss and you still get to enjoy your latte. If you want to lose an additional 3 pounds, order your latte with non-fat milk rather than whole milk.

4.  Skip 2 glasses of wine each week. You’ll save 12,584 calories or 4 pounds. A nice substitute would be a glass of club soda or some sparkling water. You can even add a twist of lemon or lime in order to add a bright, fresh taste to your water.

5.  Once a month, rather than buying the large popcorn at the movie theater, opt for the small size. You’ll save 13,680 calories or 4 pounds over the course of a year.

6.  Once a week, swap out your Caesar salad dressing for Italian dressing. This move will save you 7,696 calories per year, which adds up to 2 pounds.

7.  Once a week, cut your 8 ounce hamburger down to a 4 ounce burger. This will shave 16,016 calories in a year. That’s a 5 pound weight loss. On the day you eat a smaller burger, add in some steamed veggies to help keep you feeling satisfied. What you give up in calories, you’ll make up for by eating more healthy vegetables; that’s definitely a win.

8.  Twice a week, switch your breakfast bagel for an English muffin. You’ll save 24,960 calories per year, which is equivalent to a 7 pound weight loss.

9.  Once a week, cut your ice cream indulgence from a full cup to half a cup. This will save you 11,960 calories or 3 pounds per year. If you want to lose even more, choose frozen yogurt instead of ice cream and you’ll lose an additional 2 pounds over the course of the year.

10.  Once a week, choose a baked potato instead of fries.  In a year, you’ll save 12,064 calories and lose 3 pounds. Of course, don’t load your potato with butter and sour cream; you’ll defeat the purpose and probably gain weight.



You can Lose the Weight without the Struggle


By making these simply little hacks to your regular routine, you’ll lose 50 pounds in a year. Of course, if you want to lose weight faster or you have more than 50 pounds to lose, you can do some of these hacks more than once each week. Also, if some of these hacks don’t apply to you, you can still keep losing weight by tweaking them to meet your lifestyle. Maybe you don’t eat cheeseburgers, but if you skip an extra glass of wine or forego ice cream altogether one week, you’ll be getting the same type of accumulative benefit. These are just ideas, use them to shave off calories and you’ll be taking an important step towards realizing your weight loss goals.




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