Woman’s Secret Weight Loss


Weight Loss Success
Weight Loss Success


Jane’s Secret Weight Loss

Jane Hodson, a New Hampshire wife and mother talks about how she went from a slender teen and young adult to gradually putting on weight, until she woke up one day, weighing more than 200 pounds. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too familiar for many of us. Whether it’s those added pounds from pregnancy or the difficulty of shedding weight after menopause, many women (and men) discover that their weight gradually creeps up until they finally have a wake up call.


Keeping the Secret

For many people, coming to the realization that they need to do something about their weight can be difficult. There’s the worry that if you say something to your friends or loved ones, if you fail, everyone will know. After all, who wants to make a declaration that they’re going to do something, but then not accomplish their goal. Jane had this same trepidation, especially given that her daughter had actually lost 30 pounds, then started her own healthy living website. She decided to keep her weight loss efforts a secret.


Small Changes can Help Speed Weight Loss

Many people think that they have to go all out and completely turn their life upside down if they want to lose weight. However, weight loss isn’t about drastically restricting calories or even eliminating the things you enjoy in life. A balance can be found that will allow you to shed those unwanted pounds, but still have an active and happy lifestyle.


Start Right Where You Are

It can be frustrating to think you have to overcome some humongous obstacle before you’ll be able to experience weight loss success. For Jane, she wasn’t able to immediately implement a workout plan; but, after sticking to a few simple dietary changes, she began to experience significant weight loss. Of course, as the weight came off, she was energized! With less weight, Jane was able to get out and begin a 4 mile morning walking regimen. This exercise, combined with her healthier eating, helped her reach her weight loss goals.


Weight Loss Secrets

Jane shares some of her weight loss secrets, such as automating her morning routine. Other helpful tips include knowing your triggers and keeping social. Plan your meals and learn how to lower calories without sacrificing the rituals you enjoy. Jane likes to sip water with a little lemon rather than relaxing with a second glass of wine. She doesn’t have to give up her enjoyment of wine, but she has a simple trick to help her limit calories. Enjoy life with a few lifestyle changes.


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