Type A People Struggle With Weight Loss


Type A Struggle with Weight Loss



Type A People Struggle With Weight Loss


Are you a Type A personality? While this type of personality is generally known for being very organized, punctual, competitive, all-in, and rule following, they can also get quite frustrated. This is especially true when they find that a diet or workout program just isn’t working.


The problem with weight loss programs is that they usually have a one-size-fits-all approach. This can have great appeal for the masses, but it might not work for everyone. For the Type A individual, their commitment to diligently following the program can lead to frustration when it doesn’t work.


Fortunately, that determination of commitment of Type A personalities can also be used to turn failures and frustrations into success. Many people struggle with weight loss, but the following 3 traits of a Type A personality can make it even more challenging. Learn how to overcome these challenges and get back on track to your weight loss goal.



All or Nothing

A classic mindset for the Type A personality is to either be all in or all out. Whether you’re tired, sick, or a special occasion arises, you’ll stick to your plan at all costs. It’s what you do. This is the personality type that sticks hard and fast to the rules of the diet or workout plan.


The problem with the all or nothing approach is that you’ll end up feeling extremely restricted. You need to learn how to add some flexibility instead of following the rules too rigidly. Will a bit of birthday cake completely destroy your weight loss efforts? Of course not!


Rather than feeling like you made a mistake, so you might as well just throw in the towel, accept that your struggle with weight loss will require some flexibility. You know yourself better than any diet plan. Have confidence that you can make a few minor adjustments now. Give yourself permission to view your diet as an outline. It doesn’t have to be a hard and fast law that must be followed to the letter.


If you’re committed to an exercise plan, make sure that you leave room for giving yourself a break if you’re feeling tired or sick. You might even want to make some changes in your workout so that you don’t get bored. Sometimes you just need to make adjustments. If you need to sleep in, it’s not the end of the world. You don’t have to give up on the plan just because you make the occasional adjustment.



Extremely Intense Workouts

There are times when a long, intense workout is downright intimidating. However, for the Type A personality who is committed to the exercise plan, this intense workout might seem like it’s non-negotiable. There can be many good reasons to skip a workout. Maybe you had a hard workout the day before and your body just needs another day to recuperate. Maybe you just need a break. You don’t have to stick to an intense, regimented workout every single day.


Just like with your diet plan, you need to build in a bit of flexibility when it comes to your workouts. If you have an intense workout scheduled for a specific day, but you’re feeling exhausted, it’s okay to rearrange your schedule and do something a little less taxing. Maybe add in a relaxing yoga class. If you find that you’ve run out of time to complete a workout at the gym, simply promise yourself that you’ll do a quick 15 minute workout at home.



Avoid Social Settings

When a Type A personality is facing a struggle with weight loss, they sometimes skip social functions because eating out can cause a great deal of anxiety.


Maybe you’re worried that you’ll be tempted to eat something that isn’t on your weight loss plan. You could be concerned that others will make comments about what you’re eating. These might be valid concerns, but they’re not reasons that you have to isolate yourself from friends and family. You should be able to adapt your eating plan to your specific needs.


For example, when you’re invited to have dinner out with friends, eat something on your diet plan before you head out. This way, when you’re out with your friends, you’ll be able to pick and choose more carefully. If you arrive already feeling full, you’ll be less likely to indulge in foods that aren’t part of your eating plan.


Similarly, if you’re at a restaurant, don’t get too anxious about how your food is prepared. You can make some adjustments, such as asking for your veggies to be served without a sauce. You could even substitute a vegetable for the potatoes, but don’t make a big issue out of what you can or can’t eat. It will just make everyone crazy.


It’s not unusual to struggle with weight loss, but the Type A personality will do well to forego a bit of the rigidity. Of course, following the rules of a workout or diet plan is part of what makes the Type A personality feel secure; but, a little flexibility to make the occasional change can help you reach your weight loss goals. You might struggle with weight loss, but even if one program doesn’t work, you don’t need to quit altogether. Simply find the one that works for you.





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