Smoothie Mistakes Can Cause Weight Gain


Smoothie Mistakes




Smoothie Mistakes can Lead to Weight Gain


When you know these common smoothie mistakes, you’ll be able to ensure that your smoothie is healthy without sabotaging your weight loss efforts.


Have you recently turned to smoothies to help you shed a few pounds? Many people are enjoying the health and weight loss benefits of smoothies, but if you’ve noticed that the weight isn’t coming off the way you thought it would, maybe it’s your smoothie. Not all smoothies are diet-friendly. Here are some common smoothie mistakes that might be keeping you from losing weight.



#1  You Don’t Have Enough Fiber in Your Smoothie


Fiber plays an important role in helping with weight loss. It’s fiber that will help make you feel full, so you’ll tend to eat less throughout the day. While fruit does have fiber, it’s important to pick the right fruit. For example, banana is a common ingredient in many breakfast smoothies, but half of a banana has only 1.4 grams of fiber. You should aim for a smoothie with at least 10 grams of fiber; you can do this by adding fiber rich foods like kale, berries, kiwi, chia seeds, flax meal, and some plant based protein powders.


#2  Your Smoothie Doesn’t Have Enough Protein

When you have a protein rich smoothie, it will provide the energy your body needs to make it through a busy day. Try to ensure that your smoothie contains at least 10 grams of protein. Good sources of protein include Greek yogurt, milk or soy milk, soft tofu, protein powder, nut butters, nuts, and cottage cheese.


#3  You’re Going Overboard with the Fruit

There’s no doubt, a delicious smoothie that contains only a variety of fruits is definitely healthier than indulging in a donut; but, it’s important to keep in mind that even though fruits have nutrients and fiber, they also contain calories. Fruit is loaded with natural sugars, so they are quickly metabolized by your body. This means a fruit smoothie could leave you feeling hungry in an hour or two. To help avoid this problem, add a source of protein with your fruit.


#4  You’re Adding Extra Sweeteners

Adding a tablespoon of maple syrup or honey can pack an extra 60 calories into your smoothie. If you’re using fruit, it contains natural sugar for plenty of sweetness. Of course, sweeteners can also be hiding in sweetened milks, flavored yogurts or canned fruit. It might take a little getting used to, but try to retrain your taste buds to not need all of that extra sugar. Choose unsweetened soy milk or plain yogurt and you’ll save calories while breaking the sugar addiction.






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